Exciting Ideas For Family Excursion

The family is always there for us, supports us in difficult times and celebrates with us the good ones. So it’s high time to spend a lot of time with them again.

We all know this: sometimes there is far too little time for the most beautiful things in life: Together with your family. But it is so infinitely valuable and important for us. So it’s high time to put your smartphone and e-mails aside and experience a real family outing with your loved ones. We have collected our best ideas for your family outing here for you:

Family trip: Outside it tastes best

A joint picnic is simply part of every perfect family outing. 🙂 Prepare your favourite delicacies together, such as meatballs (boulettes, meatballs or as you call them), vegetable sticks, potato salad, baguette and various spreads. Put everything in your picnic basket and look for a nice spot in the forest, park or by the lake.
Also don’t forget your “entertainment program” and no, we’re not talking about a music system, mobile phone and the like, but about frisbees, boccia, badminton and playing cards.

After the picnic you can also explore your surroundings. Who knows, maybe you will find an even more beautiful spot for your next picnic. Please don’t forget: Garbage and garbage will be collected and taken away!

Modern scavenger hunt on family day

In geocaching, you as a family must work together perfectly to find a secret treasure using the GPS device. Team spirit, attention and commitment are required. An unforgettable outdoor experience – this family day will bring you even closer together as a family.

High up in the high ropes course

Your family has no problem with altitude? Then you should definitely spend a day with them in the high ropes course. Overcome obstacles at lofty heights together and help each other to get from tree A to tree B. This will definitely weld you together. You should also try Flying Fox. Get hooked into the rope slide and off you go! You will fly through the air at breakneck speed – simply unforgettable!

Discover nature together on a trip with the family

Or how about a joint excursion into nature with the whole family! You are spoilt for choice what you want to experience together in the fresh air: For example, you can go hiking together. Whether you prefer a relaxed half-day tour, a longer day hike or a tour over several days: choose a hike that suits your sporting requirements, your experience and your fitness. Also inform yourself about the special requirements of the hike and about the weather.

Our tip: If you would like to go on a multi-day hike, but don’t feel fit enough for it, why not complete the individual stages together throughout the year? After each stage you have completed, you will be looking forward to the next tour with your loved one.

If you want your trip to be a bit more relaxed, a day at the lake might be just the thing for you. We have collected the most beautiful lakes in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Thuringia for you, which are perfect for your family outing. Your day will be extraordinary and unforgettable if you don’t just explore the lake from the shore or while swimming, but take advantage of local offers such as sailing trips, stand-up paddling or motorboating.

Perfect family outing for all gamers and laser sword fans

At the laser day all play children get their money’s worth. Equipped with a sensor vest and laser tag phaser, they enter a futuristic arena and then the battle of lasers begins! Action and fun are guaranteed – especially for the youngest and the young at heart.

Discover a new city together – the perfect idea for your next family outing

Another idea for your family outing is a city trip with your loved ones. Become a tourist in your own hometown and discover together previously undiscovered parts of the city or special sights you have never visited before. You will notice: Your city has much more to offer than you always thought. 😉

Or travel together to a new city that you want to explore together. Either a nearby metropolis or a city a little further away for a whole weekend. Our tip: choose a new city together every year, which you can explore together for a weekend on a family outing.

Ideas for your next family outing: Escape Room

A special fun awaits you and your loved ones in an escape room. A tricky puzzle awaits you here, which you usually have to solve together in 60 minutes. Teamwork is the focus and together you learn to master the most difficult tasks. The best: there are different puzzles and levels of difficulty – so you can try out different variations and grow together with each challenge. An Escape Room is perfect for a family outing. 😉

No matter how you spend your family outing, have fun and enjoy the time together! If you haven’t had the right activity for your family day yet, you’ll find more ideas for a holiday outing here.

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