Ways to harmonize your home with Feng Shui

Every home is also a home to the safety of the individual. Feng Shui guidelines on how to feng shui your home can be used to make this home peaceful and quiet. This ancient Chinese art helps to keep the energy in the home. The word “Feng Shui” itself means “wind water”. The art of Feng Shui provides guidelines on how to organize your home for positive energy, wealth, better health and prosperity.

Clearing out the home

Every house or apartment should be clean and tidy. It is better to dispose of garbage and unwanted items than to fill the house with them and make it untidy. Make sure that the main entrance door opens completely and that nothing behind the door interferes with it. If this is the case, the sacred energy will be disturbed before entering and cannot enter the house. Do not try to leave shoes, slippers or the like directly at the entrance. This dilutes the entry of the positive energy and decomposes it with dirt and smells. The removal of piles of paper, junk and the like helps you to remove the toxins from your mind. Therefore De-Clutter is an important tool in Feng Shui for your home.

Bring color to your home

Colors work like magic and can help your home breathe. It helps your mood and your health. Remember, colours can quickly make a home look dark, but at the same time have the effect of making a home look attractive and bright. Every color has a meaning. Goethe had already devoted himself to the special theory of colour, studied it and written about it. For example, a strong colour like red in the living room will always promote active and lively entertainment. A blue tone in the bedroom supports relaxation and green has a calming effect on the eyes. Orange, on the other hand, can bring infinite happiness into life and yellow supports mental health.

Please note that it is better to avoid too much colour in a single room. This can cause the energy to turn negative. In order to create a harmonious atmosphere, you should use one colour per room on the walls or select only one highlight area and leave the rest neutral.

Avoid sharp objects

Make sure that sharp objects such as knives, chests and the like are well closed and that they are not lying open. Avoid hanging these sharp objects on the wall as is often the case in modern kitchens. For those who present collectibles like swords on the walls, a word of caution applies, because these can trigger dispute in relationships.

Use light

Light plays a very important role when it comes to your health and mood. The right kind of light gives a calming impression. The right kind of light is one of the biggest factors to make your home comfortable and attractive. Apartments on the first floor of a multi-storey apartment building in particular need additional light. For your home it is better to choose soft and warm light. Although small and little emitting light is good, you should make sure that the room is not in the dark. In dark rooms, according to Feng Shui, one often attracts bad luck. Light pink or red light stands for lively and auspicious. When it comes to improving daylight, lamps with approx. 5,000 Calvin are the right choice.

Ideally, your home has plenty of daylight which is the ideal situation. Leave the windows open and allow as much daylight as possible into your rooms. Also note that natural and artificial light will affect the quality of the air. And it has now been scientifically proven that without sunlight mental and physical illnesses can quickly develop.

Hang a wind chime

A music tool like a wind chime has a calming effect and helps you to calm your head by the sounds and the vibration. The relaxing sound of a wind chime together with the wind it generates brings positive energy into your home. According to Feng Shui this sound is able to heal and repair your soul. In addition, a wind chime is also decoratively beautiful and gives your home a beautiful ambience.

The best place to hang a metal wind chime is in the north, northwest and west. The south, southeast and east fit better for wood wind chimes.

Bring fresh flowers into your home

Natural fresh flowers are a good source of good energy. Try to avoid working with artificial plants, but if you have any, dust them off regularly and keep them clean. Because dusty things like to attract negative energy. To make your home peaceful and harmonious, you should keep proper plants, maintain them regularly, remove dead leaves immediately and make sure that the plants are not attacked by plant pests. Incoming plants represent fatigue and exhaustion, so it is important to take care of your living companions.

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