Removing a tree stump

Sometimes you have to part with a tree in the garden. Sawing off is quick, but the stump stops and becomes a trip hazard. If the stump is simply left to its own devices, it can take eight to ten years for it to rot. The often heard tip to fill the trunk with petrol, kerosene or fuel paste and simply ignite the whole thing should definitely be ignored. This is dangerous and will not work: When burning, a layer of charcoal forms, which even slows down the rotting process, so that you get something longer from the stumbling block.

Digging out: Effective, but exhausting

The most effective way is to dig up the stump. However, this is easier said than done: With flat-rooted trees, the root can be uncovered relatively quickly, but with deep-rooted trees like the fir it can take several hours to dig out all the roots. It is a little faster if you only remove the top layer of soil and then cut the roots with a chainsaw. The soil residues should be really cleanly removed beforehand, otherwise the chainsaw will quickly become dull. If you really want it done very quickly, you have to spend a little money and hire a company with a stump milling machine.

Compost the stump in site

If you have a little more time and don’t want to invest too much work, you can compost the tree stump on the spot. To do this, the tree stump is sawn crosswise with a chainsaw as deep as possible, just like a checkerboard pattern. Alternatively, holes can be made with a drill and a large wood drill. These slots or holes are now filled with a mixture of half rotten compost, half a bag of organic fertilizer and – if available – some quick compost. The compost contains fungal spores, micro-organisms and micro-organisms that can quickly decompose even fresh wood. Because the wood contains only few nutrients, the organic fertilizer is added, which provides the microorganisms with enough food to continue working quickly.

Let climbing plants grow on high tree trunks

With the third method, the stump is not removed, but it is converted into a useful climbing aid for climbing plants, provided it has a sufficient height. This would be the simplest solution, but will only help if the tree trunk is not in the way.

Removing the tree root – the big guide: step by step

There are many reasons why a tree has to give way: storm damage, pests and fungi, a redesign of the garden or simply the desire for more light. But felling the tree is not enough. If possible you should also remove the tree root. Here you will learn how to tackle the task correctly.

Must the tree root be removed?

“Why should you remove a tree root? Many garden owners ask themselves this question if the stump left after felling does not bother. In the forest, the forest workers leave the stumps and roots to themselves. Nevertheless, the following reasons speak in favour of removing the tree root:

Deciduous trees do not necessarily die after felling. Many trees strike out again at the side of the stump. This visible growth is unproblematic. Note that the roots also continue to grow. Supply pipes, drainage pipes and old masonry with mortar are further endangered by the roots. Paving stones can also be lifted further by the roots.

The tree roots and stumps take away valuable areas in the garden. In particular, the roots of shallow-rooted species such as spruce begin directly below the surface of the earth. As long as the roots are not rotten, you cannot plant beds or sow lawns in these places.

The natural rotting of stump and roots can take up to 10 years. It is therefore advisable to remove the tree root in most places in the garden. These instructions describe how to remove the tree stumps by hand. You only need a few tools. You score here with patience and physical fitness. In the case of weak-rooted varieties such as Lebensbaum, Spruce or Scheinzypresse, it is possible to remove even specimens with a trunk diameter of around 30 cm by hand.

Cutting down the tree correctly

When felling the tree, leave the trunk up to a height of 1,50 m. You will need this comparatively high stump later as a lever.

With Mississauga tree removal services you can easily cut down a tree in your own garden.

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