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Rennes to Quimper

I'm looking for information on getting a train from Rennes to Quimper. I would be flying into Rennes from Ireland. Is the train station at Rennes adjacent to the airport or is there any kind of link service to get from airport to trains?
Thanks. Nice webpage by the way!

No the train station isn't adjacent to the airport, but it's not far via public transportation. To get to the train station from airport, you need to take bus 57 from the airport. Near the bottom of my access page I explain how to get to the bus 57 stop.
So take bus 57 and then get off at République and walk over to the metro. Take line A direction La Poterie and get off at Rennes - Gares. Gares means train station in French.
There look to be direct trains about every two hours between Rennes and Quimper. Not sure of the cost but you don't need to make a reservation but can if you like here.

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