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Getting to Rennes then Maybe Quiberon or Vannes

Can you tell me if there is a bus or taxi from the SNCF Rennes to Rennes airport please? If so how long does this take and what does it cost please? ALSO can you let me know if there is a coach service from Quiberon or Vannes direct to Rennes Airport. AND if there is how much and how long does it take please? Thank you so much.

There is both taxi and bus service to/from the airport: It might be easier for you to just take a taxi. A taxi is 15-20€ and the bus is 1.10€ (2008 price, not sure if it's still this.). Travel time is about 20 min for a taxi not sure about the bus.
For getting to either Quiberon or Vannes from Rennes Airport, it doesn't look like there are regular busses to either. The train is possible but Quiberon doesn't have a train station that is open year round, the closest year round station is Auray. There is summer train service on the 'Tire-Bouchon'. When the Tire-Bouchon isn't running there is coach service. The trip from Rennes to Auray takes a little over an hour and is about €20 or so. From Auray you can either take a taxi or regular coach service in the summer - don't know the price to Quiberon. With Vannes you can take a train, the trip is about an hour and the cost is around €20 one way. Both Auray and Vannes are on the same train line.
See Voyages Sncf UK for more info about taking the train including schedule and booking tickets.

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